Frozen Bloodworms For Aquarium Fish

Frozen Bloodworms are a natural diet for 99 per cent of carnivorous fish and can be used in both freshwater and marine environments. Freshwater pools are where we grow our frozen blood worms.

Frozen bloodworm is frequently utilised as a component of maturation meals by advanced hobbyists and fish breeders. It aids in the rapid development of fry due to its high iron and protein content. Our foods are picked, cleaned, and flash frozen to ensure that the quality of the product is maintained.

All BCUK frozen meals are also gamma irradiated to ensure that there are no parasites or pathogens in the packs, giving you peace of mind. Frozen Blood Worm comes in 100g blister packs and 1kg slabs, which offer even more value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frozen Bloodworms: What Are They?

A bloodworm is the larvae of a chironomid, a type of midge insect. Although the parent bug resembles a mosquito, it does not bite. Near rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds, the bug can be found. The blood worm is naturally pink, but due to the high quantities of haemoglobin in its blood, it appears deep red. This allows the larvae to feed and grow while feeding and maturing into their adult form on the muddy bottoms of the streams.

Is Bloodworm beneficial to my fish?

Blood worms are a natural element of a fish's diet, and they come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. They are high in iron and protein, but they are deficient in other vital minerals, amino acids, and vitamins, thus they should be supplemented with their regular flake or pellet diet.

What are the advantages of utilising Frozen Bloodworm?

frozen bloodworm blister packs

Frozen Blood Worm has the benefit of being Gamma irradiated before being flash-frozen, assuring that it is devoid of germs, parasites, and diseases, making it a risk-free way to feed your pets. Frozen food also lasts up to 6 months in your freezer, making it far more convenient to store. Always defrost and rinse frozen food before feeding it to your child.

Which bloodworm is the most effective?

We have perhaps the most variety of blood worms in the UK here at Frozen Fish Food, however, ultimately it comes down to personal preference as to which one you choose to use. The BCUK Bloodworm is by far our greatest seller, and its deep crimson colour and large size have received a lot of excellent feedback. Our bloodworms are all excellent and come from trustworthy sources all across the world.

Frozen Bloodworms: How Do I Feed Them?

1. Calculate the amount of food you'll need to feed your fish. Too much food can degrade your aquarium's water quality and kill your fish, so make sure there's no leftover food floating around after your fish have eaten. Begin with tiny amounts and gradually increase to meet the needs of your aquarium and animals.

2. Defrost the appropriate food in aquarium water or reverse osmosis water in a food-grade container (not tap water).

3. Once the food has defrosted (no more than 30 minutes), strain it through a fine mesh strainer over the sink, and rinse it with another cup of tank water if desired (every little helps)

4. After that, the food is ready to be placed in the tank. It's entirely up to you how you go about doing this. To target certain species, some aquarists mix the food back into the container with extra tank water and utilise a pipet feeder, while others, simply empty and rinse the net into the tank.

Is it possible to use frozen bloodworms as bait?

Fishermen love our 1kg Slabs of Frozen Bloodworms because they use them to entice fish. Because bloodworm is such a natural food item, wild fish find it irresistible. It consistently elicits a stronger eating response than other bait items, according to fishermen.

Is it possible to put frozen fish food directly into the tank?

Yes, they are capable. Before being “flash frozen,” all products are carefully washed. The frozen product will defrost and spread evenly around the tank as it enters the water. For Aquarium Fish which are fussy eaters such as Angel Fish, dissolve frozen foods first.

What does it mean to be “Flash Frozen”?

Fish and other sea items are frozen practically immediately after being gathered using a process known as flash freezing. This means they maintain their natural appearance and nutritional value without the use of artificial preservatives.

Gamma Bloodworm Mini

Frozen Bloodworms

Gamma Mini Bloodworms are designed for fish with smaller mouths that require those nourishing Larvae in their diet.

All Gamma Frozen Foods are gamma-irradiated, which eliminates any possibility of bringing hazardous parasites or bacteria into your aquarium while also making the meal safe to store in your freezer.

Gamma frozen foods are created entirely of natural ingredients, and the great variety ensures that each species of fish has a well-balanced, varied, and exciting diet.

Blister packs of 100g or 250g slabs are available.

ON Bloodworms with Spirulina and Garlic

Whole live, high-quality Bloodworms were flash-frozen swiftly, resulting in whole animals and minimal nutrients leaching into the aquarium water.

Spirulina with garlic provides a unique combination of nutrients.
To enhance the natural colours of the fish and stimulate better growth, use highly digestible Spirulina algae.
Fresh garlic is used to promote health by increasing parasite resistance and enhancing the immune system.
Blisters of 100gr are available.

They are red because of the presence of haemoglobin, which allows them to endure low oxygen levels in the water.

Typical Analysis

• Protein 5%

• Fat 0.7%

• Fibre 1%

• Moisture 90%

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