Video Marketing Conversion Rates: Video marketing is the go-to method for clever marketers who want to raise brand exposure, generate leads, and drive social media engagement. A variety of marketing methods that use video for a diverse set of customers allow it to be an excellent supplement to all marketing funnel stages, which makes the multimedia format an excellent tool to add to your marketing plan.

In this post, we'll talk about a number of tactics that you can utilise to boost your conversion rates from video marketing. Let's get started!

What does the term “conversion” mean?

A conversion is an activity performed by a visitor on your website or during a campaign. A conversion may be anything from downloading a whitepaper to signing up for a free trial, purchasing a product, or just clicking a link that leads to a landing page.

Conversion rates should be continually watched, assessed, and improved in order to help a company expand. This is referred to as conversion rate optimization, and it applies to all sorts of marketing, including video.

Conduct an A/B test on your images and video.

An A/B test (also known as split testing or bucket testing) is a marketing strategy in which two copies of the identical product (a control vs. a variation) are shown to a cohort to evaluate which performs better.

A/B testing is an important skill to acquire since it is one of the most prevalent types of conversion rate optimization (CRO) and will help you enhance conversions and generate more sales, clicks, or sign-ups depending on your business goal.

There are several options in video marketing to A/B test your video content, create greater conversion rates, and, most importantly, identify what works and what doesn't in your campaigns.

video marketing conversion rates

A hypothesis is required for each test that is carried out. This might be anything from utilising a human face as a thumbnail to make the video more relevant and raise the play rate to add an energetic music track to lengthen video view time.

Conversion Rates for Video Marketing Thumbnails

For every marketing video, there should be a large thumbnail (1280 x 720) as the main picture. When you have finished recording your video, you should immediately upload it for everyone to see, because it will be the first thing your audience sees before they click to play your video. So use an image that grabs attention so your video has a positive impact on your audience.

Thumbnails are a good area to start A/B testing, especially if you want to know whether one picture leads to a higher rate of page views. For example, you might run an experiment in which you have a custom-built thumbnail picture, and then observe which one of your thumbnail images works the best and helps increase your conversion rate.


Your video's title is crucial, and it has a significant impact on the target audience. Other people in the industry will view your title and discover whether or not they will like your video, so your video's engagement rate will be apparent to other industry observers from the very beginning. Because the title influences how your audience does a search on social media and YouTube, it should affect the way your video is shown on those sites.

Compensate for failing at their original goal, Test various titles to discover which one motivates engagement the best, This can help you discover which title resonates with your audience the best, as well as improve your overall conversion rates.


In 2016, Microsoft conducted an investigation to find out the attention span of Canadian media consumption and concluded that the average attention span is eight seconds. If you want to connect with your audience, you have to begin your video by doing so in the open portion. The problem is that there is no guarantee that the length of your video marketing campaigns can be tested.

For example, while conducting an A/B test on your videos, you will be able to learn which duration most resonates with your viewers. You can measure this by tracking how long people spend looking at their watches (or audience retention on YouTube).


While it is well-known that music influences purchase decisions in-store, choosing the audio track for your video is almost certain to influence your target audience's purchase in the online world as well.

influence your target audience

Take a test and measure whether your audience's attention level increased or decreased depending on which royalty-free audio tracks your test on your video. On a Lumen5 Premium, Business, or Enterprise subscription, you may submit your audio snippets to videos, helping you to expand your brand exposure and to provide your audience with immediate brand identification.


Incorporating a voiceover in your video is a wonderful method to humanise your marketing messages and make yourself stand out in a highly-populated newsfeed. To evaluate the effectiveness of your video material, you can do so by running different variations: one with no narration and the other with a narration.

Video Marketing Conversion: Humanize and Personalise Your Video Content

If you are in the B2B SaaS space, your audience will not be able to physically access the product. It is inviolable. You cannot come in contact with it, smell it, or experience it. As a result, B2B marketers must put in more effort to acquire the trust of their target audience. One approach to expand your reach is by integrating human photos in your video marketing initiatives.

The foundation of any persuasive video is using human emotion as the canvas and human emotion in good form as the palette, which are both demonstrated in the thumbnail of your video. There is a lot of room for experimentation here, as you could conduct an A/B test using several photos to determine which one yields the most levels of engagement.

To make your video material more personal, don't stop there by only showing human images. A video email marketing campaign is a great way to engage your prospects. In Email Marketers, we found that email testing in A/B split produced results that demonstrated that adding marketing to email increased click-through rates by 40% and profits attributable to email campaigns by 190%.

There are two other strategies for increasing conversion rates: adding a transcript to your video, and including a transcript on the landing page. At the moment, Google cannot handle video content, and hence does not understand the context and message of your video. When it comes to boosting your campaign's SEO, increasing your organic traffic, and improving your conversion rates, having a transcript as part of your content is a foolproof approach to accomplish that.

video marketing conversion

Test The Placement of a Demonstration Video

While we know that landing pages with videos enhance conversion rates by X percent, have you considered further testing video placement?

Placement of video on a landing page mattress. According to Wistia's study of 95,000 web pages featuring video, the chances of a visitor pushing play reduces as they scroll down the page, affecting your play rate. For instance, putting a video above the fold had a 56 percent play rate, whereas embedding a video below the fold generated a 27 percent play rate.

Include your video content as high up on your landing page as possible. Additionally, you might perform an A/B test on the location to determine which element specifically promotes conversions.

The same study examined video dimensions and discovered that the dimensions of your video can have an effect on your conversions. Wista discovered that the optimal size for the “sweet spot” of maximum play rate is between 401 and 600 pixels. Again, you may run A/B testing to determine the optimal video size for your conversion rate.

Measure Metrics that are important to Video Marketing Conversion

Without measurable analytics, there is no purpose in strategizing a video marketing plan. Analyzing the performance of your video can assist you in determining what works and what does not so that you may iterate and achieve greater success the following time.

There are numerous parameters that may be tracked in video marketing. Depending on the video's initial objective, you may choose to assess the following metrics:

View count. To what degree did your video reach out to a broader audience?

Engagement rates. Do you think your campaign had an impact on your target audience?

Play rate. What was the level of relevance of your campaign?

Watch rate. Would you believe it if I told you that your audience watched the entire video? Where was drop-off taking place?

Click-through rate. Did your audience take the action you wanted them to do?

If your in-house video team is taking too long to produce content, is there a problem? Questioning the idea of outsourcing videos which may be too costly?

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