The Astarte Asteroid is an obscure astrological object. However, this is about to change. Venus's sister, who represents passion and possessiveness in a relationship, is someone you don't want to mess with. Astarte, instead of being frothy and sweet, might be harsh and rough. Consider Venus without the filter or desire to treat everyone with kindness.

What is Astarte, the asteroid?

Astarte is the 672nd asteroid in the sky. In all zodiac signs, she signifies the need and desire for comfort. In terms of physical and sexual demands, she encourages passion and appreciates passionate sexual interactions. She is the type of person that knows what she wants and would not settle for anything less. This bold and self-assured asteroid allows us to find our strengths while avoiding our weaknesses.

Astarte in Motion

When we see this asteroid transiting our birth charts or planets in our birth charts, we see a display of man's might. This asteroid is not one to take things lightly; it is known across the universe to be a violent and powerful force. It also indicates a time when we should step back and put our own needs ahead of those of others. If you are liberal with your time, he will focus on what slowly makes you happy at this time.

The Astarte of Astrology

Astarte is Venus's fiery sister in astrology. Astarte is more intense and passionate than Venus, who is more free-spirited and indulgent. In contrast to her sister, who is generous and joyous, she always prioritises herself. Astarte depicts the various and darker qualities of feminine spirituality and sexuality as the shadow side of Venus, who stole her thunder and remained a popular and attractive goddess.

Infatuated with Astarte

This passionate and fiery asteroid can make people be overly domineering and possessive in relationships. In matters of the heart, they often use sex as a weapon to gain what they want from their spouse and to exert control over the situation. Furthermore, because both partners will feel the urge to control one another to obtain what they seek, this asteroid has the potential to cause jealousy in partnerships.

In Real Life, Astarte

Astarte is well-known for her selfishness. This location represents an egocentric and selfish person, rather than someone who freely loves others. Astarte is capable of achieving any desired goal by putting oneself first. The passionate nature of this asteroid provides them with the desire and energy to build a magnificent life for themselves on their terms, regardless of what anyone says or who stands in their way.

Astarte's Health

Astarte represents someone who has a healthy and active lifestyle. This asteroid signifies a person who can mend himself in the face of adversity. Some people believe this asteroid is a witch because of its strong intuition and ability to heal and mend problems within their bodies. They normally live a long life because they prioritise their emotional and physical needs.

Finance Astarte

This asteroid is not known for being generous with their resources. In fact, they are more prone to hoard their belongings rather to give them away, and they never land folks in need of time. This is because they want to keep all of the money for themselves. After all, they worked for it and believe that they should be the only ones to reap the benefits.

The Effects of Astarte on Signs & Houses

Astarte is a female heavenly. She is linked to fertility, sexuality, and warfare. She is a lion, a sphinx, a dove, and a star within a Venusian circle. She is strong and valiant since she is a warrior goddess.

Many people adored her, and many were intrigued by her personality. Where she is will disclose your most raw and dominant energy (think activist energy), as well as the places where others are most moved by your nature. Examine the degrees and signs because they will have an effect on the aspects, particularly the conjunction. If Venus has facets, her impact is much more visible and sensual.

Aries / Astarte / 1st House

Astarte in the first house will highlight Astarte in the person's way of expressing themselves, and hence in their personality. A person's physical attractiveness immediately draws others, and people may offer themselves to them, yet they are also rather threatening. They are not afraid to put others in their place, yet they are also extraordinarily attractive on the inside. They don't like conflict but can't avoid it, especially for Justice. They are regarded as “peacemakers,” yet they should not be dismissed. They have a powerful sexual attraction that cannot be ignored. People may immediately fall in love with them. Many people admire their authority, strength, and prominent sexuality; they are feminine but also quite powerful, and they adore the idea of being in command. Because of their Venus features, they appreciate the beauty and are usually highly creative. They also seek the idea of being financially secure.

Taurus / Astarte 2nd house

With Astarte in the second house, the native will inherit more of Astarte's Venusian aspects rather than the warring side. They are often quite individuals. They prefer relaxing hobbies and spend a lot of time alone. They are very attached to their views, are very authoritative about their things, and may be possessive of items they value. They go get what they want when they see it, especially if it involves money or inheritance. Their main desire is security, and anyone who tests them will face harsh reality from Astarte in Taurus / 2nd house people. They have physically appealing looks that are also sexually appealing. Others may want to treat them or attract sugar daddies or mommies because they are wealthy or look to be wealthy.

Astarte / Gemini / 3rd house

Astarte in the third house causes someone to have a very powerful and seductive way with words, as well as a very fixed way of thinking. They want to be heard and will say whatever has to be said; yet, many people may be turned on by their words and they may have a very sexually appealing voice. They have excellent thinking (creative mind) and may be successful writers, and others like their intellectual mind / work. Their relationship with their siblings may be positive, yet their siblings may be too protective and dominating over them. They are drawn to activities that stimulate their minds and help them grow intellectually. They should be cautious not to express anything too forcefully. They are typically quite smart, and many people admire their ways of thinking.

Cancer / Astarte 4th House

Astarte in the 4th house will make the native exceedingly wise, which could be a good thing. They like the idea of being caring and kind, but they have a tendency to show Astarte's war side as subtle aggressiveness, and they may carry grudges. They are very protective of those they care about, and you should never cross them, or you will face their reality. Their mother may be overbearing and protective of them, but she always has their best interests at heart. They could be extremely protective of the mother. They would be highly protective of their children if they had them, but this could also indicate that they do not desire children. People often stress over their compassionate and perceptive character. They enjoy self-care and pampering their emotional inner child, which is why they should monitor their mental health on a regular basis (tends to be highly emotionally sensitive). They have a curvaceous physique, watery eyes, and exceptionally gorgeous breasts if they are female.

Leo / Astarte 5th House

Astarte in the 5th house will stimulate the native's creativity and joy, and they will like gaining attention and acceptance from others. They are highly theatrical when it comes to expressing their war side and will not go ignored if they are dissatisfied with something for an extended period of time. They also frequently confront opponents and may bring it to the public's attention. Their military experience could cause problems, and many people may gossip about them. They have extremely appealing and expressive young eyes. Their sexual attraction is usually extremely clear since they make it known and like it when others notice it. People who enjoy their creative side and have a wide range of creative abilities are more likely to be successful. When it came to their ambitions, they could be pretty overbearing and power-hungry. They like the idea of romance and may have high expectations; nonetheless, they are quite loyal, especially in love relationships; even if they enjoy having fun at times, they are incredibly faithful and quickly capture others. They are fiercely protective of their family members.

More energy

Astarte / Virgo / 6th House

The presence of Astarte in the sixth house makes the native extraordinarily analytical and trustworthy. It takes a long time for them to feel furious at something since they prioritise their own wants above all else and hold themselves in high regard. They may be reticent, but that doesn't mean you should dismiss their abilities. Because of their sense of order, they have an advantage when dealing with opponents or unpleasant things, and they have a sharp eye for detail and are incredibly resourceful. They may be self-conscious about their Venusian characteristics, but they are attractive because of the way they take care of themselves and appear put together; they are a sucker for the little things. They have high standards for everyone around them and will not take anything less than what they are entitled to. They merely want to be understood. Their sexual interest may be veiled at first, but because they have highly fit/healthy bodies, it tends to be quite “perfect” in the eyes of others. When they make a commitment to something, it becomes a part of their routine, and they remain as loyal as ever.

Astarte / Libra / 7th House

Astarte in the seventh house frequently favours connections/partnerships because they provide them joy. They are highly physically seductive and generally inwardly lovely due to their balancing nature and awareness of aesthetics. They are extremely creative and excel at Venusian endeavours such as the arts. Because the 7th house governs open opponents, their lovely demeanour easily inspires jealousy. They may enjoy sharing but not readily, which may lead to them being possessive of their relationships. They may have more luck with the legal system. They may attract or marry a more powerful person, and their spouse or partner may be physically attractive and dominant. They are the epitome of peacemakers, with a more toned-down war side, but don't push them too far because they can be rather possessive and controlling, and they also have more of Astarte's male side in their character. (The name Libra is masculine.)

Astarte / Scorpio / 8th House

Astarte in the 8th house likes to display their sexual attractiveness very strongly and are very enticing; their beauty may be suffocating, and they attract jealous spiteful people/energies. They enjoy darker and more mysterious activities and are extremely private about what they do and who they are on the inside. Their fighting side is clear, and they may be spiteful when necessary, making use of their incredible appeal and twisting things at times, but only when necessary, so don't cross them. They are highly loyal, but only to things they adore; they are uninterested in the surface and prefer to go deeper. Because of their gorgeous and mysterious nature, they tend to attract those who are suspicious. They prefer dark aesthetics. People may want to give them money because the 8th house rules inheritance or they may assume they are well off financially and prefer to keep their methods of ascending to the top hidden. Many individuals will have mixed sentiments about these folks, appreciating them while also questioning them. They must express their emotions artistically since they are rebellious and emotionally savvy. They are typically very spiritual and may be a witch.

Astarte / Sagittarius / 9th House

These natives have a great hunger for knowledge and excellent intelligence. They are also quite open-minded and free-spirited. Some people may have a strong belief in something that brings them peace. They aren't concerned about the sexual appeal, yet they have it; they have quite lovely thighs and buttocks. They may enjoy travelling and reaching new heights in life. It is vital that kids remain hopeful and remember that there will always be better times for them because if they are ripped down, it is difficult for them to rapidly bounce back up and they tend to become cynical. They despise their “war side” but will use it when required, and they tend to use their wits and knowledge to their advantage, and they tend to know things and can easily be persuaded to learn about things. While they are perceived as open-minded, they can be very stubborn when they are crossed and savvy and difficult to win arguments because they tend to charm it off easily as if it wasn't that serious, nonetheless they are very kind individuals who love upgrading themselves and tend to focus on the brighter parts of life for relief.

Capricorn / Astarte 10th House

These residents may repress their Venusian instincts in order to concentrate on their work and future. They like having goals to help them feel disciplined, and they may exhibit more Masculine Venusian traits. They are obstinate individuals who will not put up with foolishness because they believe in their own worth. They are prone to celebrity because of their magnetism and what appears to be a regulated personality. People regard them as fearless of the truth because they are direct and authoritative in public. When vengeful, they are not afraid to expose people who need to be exposed, and they tend to utilise their reputation to their benefit, while others are fearful of their power over them. They may not be romantic since they are focused on their work and long-term objectives, but when they commit, they commit for the long haul; they are extremely loyal and love honesty and grounded people. They have a stunning physique and face structure.

Aquarius / Astarte 11th House

These people have odd hobbies and are exceptionally clever and creative thinkers. Their sex appeal is apparent, and their attractiveness is unusual and unconventional. They may benefit from / are prone to gaining a lot of attention online and may become internet celebrities. They are usually really lovely people who are never afraid to provide a helping hand to someone in need, and others may try to exploit their compassion / humanitarian mentality. They are often fixated on their beliefs and hopes, and even if others try to bring them down, they will rise again. They are highly independent individuals who, although having many friends, do not require anyone. People should remember this because they will exploit it to cut off things they do not deserve. Many people are prone to having online romance / many online buddies) Here we have someone who isn't frightened to be themselves, which is why they're widely respected. They will go about their business as usual. They have an uncanny ability to make things happen / manifest.

Pisces / Astarte 12th House

These people have a dreamy, almost unreal appearance; paradoxically, many of them are highly self-conscious about their appearance and may be oblivious of who they genuinely are. They tend to attract a lot of people who are envious of them, even if they are ignorant of it. Many of these people are incredibly intuitive and should use it; they just know things and aren't always sensible. They enjoy spiritual hobbies and divination tools. They may have unique abilities or interests that they choose to keep hidden. They cling to the idea of love and imagination, refusing to accept anything less. They are extremely creative and might benefit from expressing their fantasies through artistic means. They have an aesthetic sense and prefer gentler products and themes. People are captivated by their speculative mode of expression, and many people may want to delve deep into them, thus it is vital that they set strong boundaries. Many people have fantastical fantasies. They may appear to be fairly friendly and conceal their darker side; in actuality, they have the ability to manifest anything they desire into reality and blend in with the suitable conditions. They love to use their emotional intelligence and expertise to their advantage because others underestimate them; they tend to surprise people with their authoritative ways and are capable of accomplishing things no one saw coming; the only advice is to avoid any “loving” delusion.

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The post What Does the Astarte Asteroid Mean For Astrology? appeared first on

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